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The Startup-VC relationship

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Source: Ouch Free Vector Illustrations

The Startup-VC relationship is both simple and sophisticated, and invariably requires mutual understanding to reach fruition. But, surprisingly, it also takes little for that rapport to be on a bumpy road. And yet, very often, scores of mistakes are avoidable.

No doubt, VCs and other investors have areas of improvement to work on. We would be grateful if you could share any Central Asian experiences & recommendations with us. We will gladly highlight a few points in a follow up article.

We would like to be helpful here with the startup side. Below is a list of “mistakes” we would like to use to constructively infer key areas of development that, once addressed, will lead to nice startups-investors relationships. Some are easy fixes as they are on the funny side.

The devil is in the details. As VCs are now turning their eyes to and landing in Central Asia, it is essential to become aware of some takeaways and keep them in mind. Central Asia is now filled with excellent accelerators and incubators helping startups to be ready for pitches, so we are putting the below as support to their actions.For our global audience, please note the non-exhaustively list of a few of them:

In Kazakhstan: StartUp Kazakhstan, Astana Hub, Most Business Incubator, Fintechstars, ABC Incubator, iStartUp

In Uzbekistan: IT Park, C.A.T. Science Accelerator, Idea lab

In Kyrgyzstan: Accelerate Prosperity, Ideagrad, John Galt, KG Labs, Kyrgyz Patent, Business Innovation Center PEAK

In Mongolia: Socratus startup Studio, TechStars, Irbis Oasis

In Georgia: StartupFriendly, Tbilisi Business Accelerator Spark, Batumi Business Incubator, FasterCapital

In Armenia: Enterprise Incubator Foundation, Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia

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