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Profile - Green Bee

Company: Green Bee

Launched: 2019

Founders: Asset Mussayev, Dowd Mestoyev, Alexey Anshakov

Location: Kazakhstan


Green Bee develops an e-commerce solution for farmers. The platform provides an opportunity to streamline the agricultural value chain and reduce inefficiencies in the distribution of agri produce. Via the app users can sell and purchase fresh, natural products without external intermediaries.

Platform is easy to access even for those who are not tech. Dialogue between farmers, green-house owners, retail stores, supermarkets, and customers helps to add transparency to the value chain. As a result, we have farmers with higher income, waste reduction, and the potential delivery of fresher produce. Such benefits are especially significant for the regions where the majority of the population are employed in agriculture.

The Green Bee project has already caught the government's attention: as a part of Kazakhstan's nationwide development program that aims to transform the national market. Apart from that, Green bee has gone through a mini-accelerator program from TechStars in San Francisco, "Sustainability Startups Weekend”.

Green Bee currently offers its services in Almaty region. They plan to expand further in Kazakhstan, then go to Kyrgyzstan, other CIS countries, and finally end witin the US market.

It's one of the companies shaping the future of food and agritech.

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