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Launched - 2019

Founders - Azizjon Azimi is a company building AI solutions for the development of Tajikistan. Their first product, score, is a SaaS product which automates the micro-loan credit scoring for financial institutions.

Currently, the traditional way of credit verification is a lengthy and complex process involving excess paperwork and uncertainty, taking 2-3 days to complete. claims to automate the decision making process on micro-loans for banks with the help of their Machine Learning based credit rating software. The software aims to reduce the average time for a micro-loan decision from one day to 10 minutes, thus making the entire process more efficient for banks in conjunction with borrowers.

The company claims to have trained their AI model on a database of 735k+ loans which equated to roughly $415 million. The software has already been deployed by Spitamen Bank in Tajikistan. After this pilot, the software is claimed to have a 99.3% accuracy in predicting creditworthiness of micro-loans and have subsequently resulted in 49% reduction in non-performing loans.

After graduating from Harvard Kennedy School and Stanford Graduate School of Business, Azizjon founded with the aim to transform Tajikistan into a regional AI hub. Local banks are in the process of deploying’s ML software for their micro-lending businesses. The company aims to scale score to seven different banks by Q4 2021 and scale into Eurasian region by 2022.

When AI is estimated to add $15.7 trillion to global economic growth by 2030, ’s aim is to position Tajikistan on the global AI map by building products and educating people. They plan to fuel the economic growth of Tajikistan through increased productivity with the help of their AI products, export promotion, and creation of new jobs.

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