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Profile - TASS Vision

Company: TASS Vision

Launched: 2019

Founders: Shakhzod Umirzakov, Inomjon Ramatov, Jamshidjon Khakimjonov

Location: Tashkent, Uzbekistan

TASS Vision is a computer vision company that leverages AI and embedded technologies to detect, track and analyze camera data. It optimizes the operations of businesses and governments using its 3 main products: Visitor analytics, Heatmap, and FaceHR.

Visitor Analytics uses video surveillance cameras to provide detailed information about visitors and helps analyse advertising campaigns efficiency, conversion rate and much more. The tool is useful for business owners, marketing and analyst managers to understand the target audience and track business changes.

Another B2B solution, Heat Map, is a pre-installed heat card that detects the most visited zones in stores. The product is mainly useful for shops and supermarkets as it helps to understand the main drivers of customer’s purchasing power.

For solving HR solutions TASS Vision offers clients its FaceHR product which records staffs’ arrival & departure times. With FaceHR, customers can track productivity and save up to 20% of total employee salaries by better managing presences, rotations, absences, and effective work hours.

Recently, TASS Vision started cooperation with the largest network of electronics stores in Uzbekistan - Ishonch, had a partnership with Bosch, and set an agreement with one of the largest Kazakh chains of supermarkets. TASS Vision also reports they have adapted the software to service a first domestic Smart city in Uzbekistan by performing video surveillance of playgrounds with smart cameras, automatic observation, plate recognition for parking and other services. After the pandemic started, the team re-programmed their products and now their cameras can recognize faces covered by masks within close proximity. In the coming months TASS’ team plans to improve the quality of their products and expand to South-East Asia and the Middle East.

Computer vision offers an exciting opportunity for startups in the future. And TASS Vision is a Central Asian startup that has sprung up to take advantage of the ever-growing AI opportunity.

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