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Profile - SEZUAL

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Company: SEZUAL

Founder: Galimzhan Gabdreshov

Launched: 2019

Location: Kazakhstan


SEZUAL is an assistive device that helps blind and visually impaired people “see”. The small device hanged on the neck makes sounds to define the characteristics of the object within 15 meters distance. It activates the natural compass for the person to navigate in the open space autonomously.

The device creates a useful aid for the visually impaired. SEZUAL uses the same technique as bats or dolphins use - echolocation. Audio cues reflect from the object's surface and give back a signal about its size, shape, material, and distance to it. The sound of the device activates the visual part of the brain and creates a 3D image of the space. 

SEZUAL is an innovative invention that plays an important role in tearing down barriers. Users can learn to sense the surroundings and orient among moving objects in 2 months. There are competitors in space, with products such as Argus II and Seeing AI from Microsoft. SEZUAL offers a smaller and cheaper alternative with full dark view capability.

SEZUAL has blind team members who test the device to ensure the quality and liability of the product. Some can ride a bicycle, pour tea, and play billiards. After participating in prominent acceleration programs at Nazarbayev University, the company has drawn international attention and recently received a grant from the World Bank and is ready to launch their product.

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