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Profile – Puzl.AI

Company: Puzl.AI

Launched: 2019

Founder: Matt Bartelsian, Gor Elchyan and Garik Petrosyan - Armenia

Location: New York, USA


Cloud-based profitability automation platform for independent supermarkets. Puzl is a cloud-based AI platform that automates the weekly ad planning process for supermarkets. The user can set up the platform in a few clicks and start using it to automate their weekly ad planning process. It plugs into the supermarket’s existing data streams and, after a brief data cleaning exercise, the AI platform starts producing accurate and actionable, real-time intelligence. Users can automate the weekly ad planning for the supermarkets and lock-in planned profit margins.

The Puzl platform was built through learning from profitable independent supermarkets in the USA. These are stores that compete with the big players in the market on a regular basis with their weekly offers and deals. Having learnt from their logic, Puzl indicates automating their best-practice approaches across all the client’s supermarket operations in the ad planning process.

At present, the weekly ad planning process takes large merchandising teams 2-3 days of manual work. Even the weekly ads and offers supermarket employees manually produce are error-prone and do not guarantee profitability. By automating everything, Puzl reports reducing the workload to only 1-2 people for 2-3 hours per week and producing more accurate and reliable weekly ads to lock in profit-margins. This frees store employees to identify new ways to drive store traffic.

After locking in Woods Supermarket, a chain of supermarkets in Missouri, USA as their first customer, Puzl plans to scale aggressively from Q4 of 2021. They have taken an approach to design a platform that is easy to use even by someone with little or no programming skills- they call it “designed by grofers for grofers”.

Puzl claims to be the first of its kind platform in the market with no competitors yet. And with just the global food and grocery retail market being valued at USD 11.7 Trillion in 2019, the growth opportunity is solid.

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