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Profile - Oquda

Company - Oquda

Launched - 2020

Founder - Beimbet Babiyev

Location - Kazakhstan

Oquda is a unique networking platform that brings together independent specialists in the education sector. Suppose you are a student planning to move abroad for further studies, you will have to separately apply for admissions, visas, notary etc. With Oquda allowing for a collaborative effect via its shared expertise and resources between various independent specialists, this creates a learning space for students where all needs can be met on one platform. Consequently, this makes learning for students more accessible, convenient and ultimately removes an unwanted stress factor.

Based out of Delaware, USA, the company targets the mass segment of students who usually cannot afford their education abroad (specifically non-Ivy League schools). Therefore, their aim is to help students secure free tuition or scholarships for their education. Oquda claims to have helped 100% of their students who are studying abroad with some degree of tuition relief (free or scholarships).

The founder has been helping students get into Czech Republic universities since he was a student himself, where he studied in Prague free of cost. Beimbet officially founded Oquda in 2020 and has hired an experienced team of professionals. To date, he states to have helped over 3000 students from the CIS region in pursuing their education dreams.

After receiving clients from Kazakhstan, Turkey, Russia, and Latin America, Oquda is now looking to expand into India. They aim to target and cater for 90 million students who graduate from high school every year. To note, the startup has already attracted an angel investment of $1 million to improve Oquda and ultimately support their plans of expanding into India.

Oquda has a working ethos and belief that education should be accessible for everyone. By bringing together different agencies and specialists in the education field, Oquda aims to create a one stop platform for every student who dreams of studying abroad.

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