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Profile – Optio.AI

Company: Optio.AI

Launched: 2017

Founder: Giorgi Mirzikashvili, Shota Giorgobiani

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia


Optio.AI makes bank operations effective and efficient while adding value to the customer experience. They developed a conversational AI model that can interact with the customers and help them to reach their financial goals. It can track spending habits, set and manage budgets to give AI-based recommendations and advice for better money management.

Optio.AI`s digital offerings include:

Optio.Ai is a winner of the Startup Georgia Challenge and The Matching Grant Program, owns a promising startup award from “European Fund For Southeast Europe – EFSE” and the Touch Digital Summit. They participated in the StartupYard Accelerator program in Prague and joined Techstars accelerator in Berlin.

Nothing alike had been offered in Smart Budgeting and Spending Analysis by banks in Georgia and in the European region before. Right now Terabank, Liberty Bank JSC, Basisbank, and Bank of Georgia implemented the innovative Optio.AI solutions.

Optio.Ai solutions of today become the reality tomorrow and can act as a transitional technology before the era of neobanks.

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