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Profile - Intelligent Audition

Company: Intelligent Audition

Launched: September 2020

Founders: Andrey Bulakhov, Miras Dolayev

Location: Kazakhstan


Intelligent Audition is a sales performance enhancing AI-powered B2B product impacting the retail, FMCG, telecom, banking among other industries. The software analyzes conversations between salespeople and customers, helping firms refine sales & marketing performance by assessing levels of success.

Andrey and Miras created their first AI driven retail product in 2015: a smart shelves system allowing companies to automatically track commodities in stores. After successfully selling and exiting Smart Shelf Solutions, they decided to tackle sales performance problems and thus launched Intelligence Audio.

Intelligent Audition leverages AI and machine learning with human in-depth analysis to help drive high performance sales. The startup offers two options to clients; recording customer audio interactions through special badges or the use of an app on a salesperson’s device (a more cost effective approach).

The system records and analyzes, in real-time, calls and dialogues between customers, promoters and salespeople, thus revealing insights into sales loss or success. It captures specific keywords indicating clients’ level of satisfaction and willingness to make a purchase. The software then prepares the ground for deeper analysis. It significantly slashes the need to spend long hours reviewing the entire interaction, instead instantly providing feedback on a salesperson's performance and ability to close deals. Key takeaways from successful deals are used by clients to train new employees and form profitable sales approaches backed up by data. Intelligent Audition reports that firms using its solution increase sales by 20%.

Although the startup commenced operations just 2 months ago, it has already caught the attention of large FMCG, retail companies in Kazakhstan, Russia, and Belarus. The founders plan to expand beyond these countries so it's definitely an up-and-coming startup for the retail sector at large.

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