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Profile - Forge Fiction

Updated: May 16, 2021

Company: Forge Fiction

Launched: 2018

Founders: Areg Vardanyan, Hrach Toneyan, Karen Shahnazaryan, Gayane Gasparyan

Location: Armenia


Forge Fiction proposes a new way of story writing from individuals to the communities. A platform creates a hub for inspiring fiction writers where anyone can start writing a book with just an idea. Word-by-word, chapter-by-chapter, in collaboration with other Forge Fiction writers, new fictional worlds and universes are being created everyday.

On Forge Fiction platform everyone can contribute to the book: writers can just propose an idea, write samples of a chapter, and vote for their favourite one which will finally become the original part of the book. Later the book will be edited, published online and put on sale. Every member who has contributed to the book will receive profit proportional to the part of the book they wrote.

As the media industry is currently in a constant demand for new content, Forge fiction satisfies it with new story formats and immersive worlds. Stories which were created on platform, could become potential screenplay for the next box-office film, TV show on Netflix, Disney or for the other film production companies.

The team of 4 friends behind Forge Fiction scaled up the idea of collaborative writing platform not only on national scale but also worldwide. The startup has almost 3 mln subscriber base of YouTube partners. It has successfully published 3 books and sold 600 copies of them on Amazon. In the past, Forge Fiction has also received a grant from the EU-SMEDA project and has successfully graduated from Armenian Start-up Academy.

Forge Fiction platform is definitely an up-and-coming startup for the media and film industry.

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