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Profile - Embry Tech

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Company - Embry Tech

Launched - 2017

Founders - Sargis Karapetyan, Nare Gevorgyan, Liana Avetian

Embry Tech builds sensorized insoles to help people monitor and manage their lifestyle. The startup says it has developed a technology to build smart insoles which connect with consumers’ mobile phones. A user just slides the Embry Insoles into their shoes and the insoles keep measuring body weight fluctuations, number of steps they take, and other physical activities. The user then receives healthy reminders on their phone which helps them stay in their comfortable weight range and follow a healthy lifestyle.

Embry indicates being a software and hardware platform that serves as an accountability tool to help people sit less and move more. Their technology claims to identify lifestyle patterns of their users and provide them with highly personalized insights when needed.

At present in the US, 83% of the workforce spend a large amount of their time sitting. A normal office worker in the US, on an average sits 15 hours per day. Such sedentary lifestyles are responsible for an estimated USD 24 Billions in direct medical spending.Through their technology of activity & outcome tracking, Embry Tech aims to bring 136 million people closer to their wellness goals.

Embry Tech has partnered with Career, one of the leading electronics manufacturers based in California. Career helps Embry Tech with the manufacturing and supply of the smart insoles. The startup has also partnered with a company that integrates Embry Sensorized Insoles into their IoT platforms. By 2022, Embry aims to dispatch 50,000 pairs of insoles.

Embry Tech stands on the convergence of three of the most active verticles in the fitness industry- wearables, weight management, and insoles. Like every smartphone has a camera today, Embry Tech aims to put their smart insole in every shoe.

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