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Profile – CARU


Launched: 2018

Founders: Nika Abashidze, Aleksandre Amashukeli

Location: Georgia


CARU is an automobile repair service platform. Clients place their order and select an expert who then picks up the car for an initial assessment. After customers approve a negotiated price, experts get the car fixed. CARU saves valuable time: it indicates people spend on average 8 hours fixing cars themselves, whereas they would spend 5 minutes placing an order on their platform and not deal with the fixing.

Experts and, if needed, craftsmen provide a wide range of services; these could include basic ones like changing oil of a car, or more sophisticated ones such as repairing the car’s brakes. Customers place the order on the website and experts contact them in order to determine the appropriate next steps. After uncovering the car’s issue, these experienced professionals can fix the problem at a reduced price.

Experts place warranty money while registering on the platform: if the problem isn't fixed or is poorly repaired, CARU pays back customers using the warranty.

The CARU team recently launched a car marketplace called Carusell which helps customers sell or buy cars, using their knowledge and experience.

Currently, CARU platform has +20 000 users. It currently operates in Georgia and plans to expand into neighboring countries.

CARU has benefited strongly from the uberization of the car service industry, with every signal that this trend will continue shaping the service industry overall.

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