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Profile – Cargon

Company: Cargon

Launched: 2016

Founder: Vano Chaladze, Shako Jalabadze, Niko Turabelidze

Location: Georgia

Cargon is a digital freight forwarding platform that reduces common market inefficiencies by connecting shippers with drivers.. The company optimizes supply chains using analytical tools to minimize downtime and maximize carrier capacity, saving both shippers and carriers time and money.

Cargon is a 100% automated platform. Once clients fill out forms, the in-house system takes them through a fully automated experience, from real-time price quotation, to contract signature, up to insurance selection, and through to electronic payment.

Cargon offers key features such as “Less-Than-Truckload” shipping, which optimizes the forwarding of several small loads or quantities of freights. It also has an integrated Transport Management System that tracks the location of freights in real time, documents, insurance and costs related to any ongoing orders. Not only does the platform boost efficiency, and save companies time and money, it's also eco-friendly. Cargon optimises a company's distribution network, making logistics more efficient. The result is a decrease in road traffic and C02 emissions.

Shako, Vano and Niko are 3 young founders with related academic backgrounds and former experiences in logistics, finance and supply chain. The team won the 500 startups program in Georgia. Cargon plans to use the opportunities offered by the New Silk Road to expand their solution across Russia, Central Asia and other CIS countries in 2021.

With its fresh vision on logistics, Cargon will no doubt be a startup to watch in the next few months in the region, taking advantage of the Belt and Road Initiative.

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