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Profile – BILLZ

Company: BILLZ

Launched: 2018

Founders: Rustam Khamdamov, Jahongir Narzullayev, Vadim Zaharyan

Location: Uzbekistan


The BILLZ software is designed for retailers to increase their sales. It combines useful tools to aid in running daily processes automation, marketing & CRM, and smart analytics. The software gives a complete overview of all the sales activities and operational channels. BILLZ reports their solution increases sales by 26% and saves 40% of business time on automatization.

The tool streamlines the process of running stores, which allows integration between offline and online channels. BILLZ automatically creates an online catalog that synchronizes the sales offline and online. The startups team installs and trains relevant staff to use the system for their customers.

Integrated payments, delivery and digital promotions are some of the tools offered by BILLZ to e-commerce businesses. Based on data analytics, promotions and loyalty programs, sales can increase through classifying and accurately targeting customers. Its range of functionality also includes financial tools to grow businesses. BILLZ also provides working capital loans and installments to reimburse.

BILLZ currently has 250+ clients in Uzbekistan. They are planning to scale to other neighbouring countries.

Similar startups are filling the gap in warehouse management systems and becoming more necessary during the COVID period by helping stores go online.

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