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Profile - Nextsale

Company: NextSale

Launched: 2018

Founders: Taleh Karimli, Vusal Orujov

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Nextsale offers solutions to turn online-store traffic into solid customers. The platform provides online stores with an efficient, simple, and affordable service for conversion rate optimization (CRO), market segmentation, and making data-driven decisions. This is achieved by adding a wide range of features - such as social proof and urgency pop-ups - to an existing online store.

Nextsale targets small to medium-size shop owners. The platform is easy to use as the sign-up process consists of three steps - create an account, connect to your online store, and launch a campaign. The dashboard for online store owners is simple and minimalistic, making it an accessible tool for first-timers. The pricing for the service is subscription-based, with four different plans. Users can choose a suitable plan based on the size of their store and the features they would like to use.

While the average online ship uses six different solutions for different purposes, NextSale aims to consolidate services in four areas: conversion rate, social proof, abandonments, and lead generation. The platform is affordable, efficient, and can be used on major e-commerce sites (Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and custom websites). NextSale reports that their users can increase visitor-to-buyer conversion rates by 15 % through the use of the platform.

As a business featured and commended by big names such as Shopify and Product Hunt, NextSale is a serious contender among e-commerce startups in the region.

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