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Mutable startup profile

Company: Mutable

Launched: 2017

Founders: Antonio Pellegrino, Vache Asatryan

Mutable is an edge computing startup that aims to make the internet faster, closer, safer, and greener for its customers. They define their technology as an Airbnb for servers where they allow telecom companies to rent out their underutilized servers for AR/VR, robotics, IoT, and gaming companies. This brings the servers closer to the user, reducing the network lag (latency) and improving user experience.

Today, cloud networks that are based on data centers have a latency of 60 milliseconds. Through public cloud deployment on the edge, Mutable claims to bring the latency under 20 milliseconds for its users. Faster internet speeds enable reliable online collaborations and real-time technology applications.

The company, when originally founded in 2015, was known as, a microservice platform. Mutable finally took its current form in 2017 when the founders realised the potential of newly introduced 5G technology. Since then, the company has partnered with multiple organizations such as CableLabs, MidCo, and Future Labs to develop and scale its products and expand the Public Edge Cloud across the US. The company also secured a USD 1.6 million seed round in 2020.

In this era of fast technological advancements, we stand on the cusp of witnessing the arrival of next generation applications in the field of AR/VR, drone technology, IoT, autonomous vehicles, and cloud gaming. Mutable with its low-latency Public Edge Cloud aims to sustain the next generation of applications and make them accessible to users.

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