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Expper Technologies startup profile

Company: Expper Technologies

Launched: 2017

Founders: Karén Khachikyan

Location: California and Armenia


Expper Technologies is a MedTech startup hoping to impact healthcare globally using their innovative products. Their ethos is improving patient satisfaction across all age categories, by addressing complex medical and social care demands using Robin - a robot able to tend to patients’ requirements such as drug reminders, companionship, and undertake basic medical observations. Robin has the ability to gauge when to interact with a patient due to its enhanced communication skills and physical awareness.

Expper Technologies has created a unique competitive advantage, specifically in a healthcare setting where it has made Robin into a playful figure (like a toy), whilst also providing medical related logistical benefits. They currently target the paediatric market and have gained significant traction across the US healthcare market within a short time period (a competitive private healthcare market). Considering Expper has already gained traction in the US in such a short time-period, this commends their business motivations to make healthcare more patient-based, enjoyable, and efficient.

With artificial intelligence becoming increasingly utilized within healthcare, Expper has created a high quality and efficient product that aims to serve benefits for both patients and healthcare professionals. After conducting thorough market research and subsequently creating a product with strong logistical skills, Expper has the potential to meet the current 1.5 million staffing deficiency in the US. by undertaking tasks that may not need to be completed by healthcare professionals (e.g. nurses).

Currently, Expper is expanding over the US, with listed features in UCLA hospitals, Forbes, Discovery, and The Science Times. They are hoping to expand across the Americas and Europe. It should be noted, Expper has adopted a subscription-based business model that has been proven and tested during COVID-19.

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