The Last Tech Frontier


TUZ Ventures is an early-stage tech VC fund focused on Central Asia and Caucasus. TUZ is founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs with a track record of successfully penetrating untapped frontier markets deemed risky at some point, such as Indonesia and Nigeria. As a world-class and diverse team of seasoned VCs and local experts, TUZ works closely with founders to unleash their potential and leverage the massive tailwind to create truly global companies. 


The firm mainly targets fin-tech, logistics, AI, e-gov, and blockchain-related globally scalable startups.


The people behind TUZ Ventures


Paul Bragiel

Founding Partner of 7 funds, Partner at Golden Gate, 3 time entrepreneur, Invested in 100+ companies including Uber, Unity, and Zappos. Adventurist,  hacked his way to the Olympics.


Oko Davaasuren

Active Founder and Community Builder, Director of Techstars, advisor to many startups and leader in creating startup ecosystems in frontier markets. Finance and MBA, multi-lingual and native to the region. National Squash champion.


Hervé Edongo

Strategist advising large and small companies on frontier markets like Africa and Central Asia, a true People person, formerly C-level talent hunter. 4 languages. National Fencing champion. 


Gulzari Dzhumalieva

Investment promotion, community development 

specialist. Based in Kyrgyzstan. 4 languages. Lived in USA, China, and Russia. National Taekwon-do champion.


Fabio Ribeiro

Technologist and Financer, 15 years of tech investing experience, advisor to many startups, entrepreneur himself, 5 languages, Master in Economics and in Interactive Media. Pilot and political entrepreneur.


Jazira Subebayeva

Campaigner. Innovator. Embraces big ideas and actions. BA in Political Science and International Relations. Ex-project lead in the Kazakstan Finance Student Association.


Maya Lawrence

Tech Product Marketer, French-English bi-lingual, New York transplant exploring life in Paris, US Olympic fencer & medallist in a previous life.

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Marta Adamska



Designer, brand strategist, TEDx speaker. Heavily involved in the startup environment. MDes from one of the top 10 universities in the world. Digital nomad, currently based in Helsinki.


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Central Asia is one of the last tech frontiers. Boosted by the Chinese Belt & Road Initiative, the region broadly defined as the area east of the Caspian Sea including Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan, is staging massive transformation. Central Asia remains generally overlooked, compared to other developing economies. However, strategic location, macroeconomic stability, and significant reforms make Central Asia an attractive investment destination.

TUZ is set to foster the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, create incentives for good talents to stay in the region, leveraging new ventures on a virtuous cycle.


If you would like to learn more, please feel free to drop us a line.



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